For Investors

We source transactions that meet your requirements.

We make it our business to know you, your investment strategy, and your preferences so that we can source transactions that meet your requirements – and avoid wasting your time with those that don’t.

Rather than running large “processes,” we introduce a transaction to a small but highly targeted group of investors who are likely to have an interest in a particular opportunity.

To accomplish this, we start by including the following information about your preferences in our Investor Management System:
  • Minimum EBITDA
  • Minimum Revenue
  • Capital Structure Tier (Senior Debt, Preferred Equity, etc.)
  • Industries
  • Minimum and Maximum Transaction Size
  • Geographic Criteria
  • Criteria for Control, Non-Control, and/or Minority Position (for equity investors)
  • Desired Add-on Transactions for Existing Portfolio Companies (for private equity firms)

We believe that the best investor relationships are those that yield benefits for both of us. We are excited to share our transaction opportunities with you, and we welcome your referrals.

In situations where you have reviewed a potential transaction but choose not to pursue it, we encourage you to contact us. We appreciate the opportunity to provide our market view and investment banking expertise, if appropriate, to the company.