Our Advantage

We provide middle market companies with top-tier banking service more commonly associated with much larger investment banks.

Access to over 3,500 capital providers through our proprietary Investor Management System

We don’t just rely on our personal relationships to drive our effectiveness. Over several years, we have developed an Investor Management System that profiles more than 3,000 institutional debt, private equity, and specialized investors. Tracking investors on a variety of dimensions, this system helps determine the feasibility of execution, and drives the investor marketing of each transaction.

To identify the right investors for your company, we make it our business to know each investor’s character, preferences, interests, and expertise, including whether they make debt, equity or both types of capital investments.

If you want to raise equity or initiate an ownership transition, we know which investors prefer majority stakes and those that make minority equity investments. We know which investors will want a hand in managing your business and those that are happy to take a back seat. We also know “strategic” investors: corporations that are looking for growth through acquisition. When debt financing is required or desired, we know which investors require security and which ones will make a cash-flow loan.

Achieve a complete capital structure or ownership transition with full compliance

For growth capital raises, we have both the regulatory ability and the expertise to manage the entire capital structure – from senior debt to common equity, and everything in between. We aren’t restricted to using banks to source debt capital; our debt relationships extend to broad-based investment firms in the business of making all types of loans. Equity can be placed with similar firms interested in majority or minority ownership stakes. In most situations, we combine debt and equity placement to achieve an efficient and cost-effective capital structure. Many investment banks specialize in debt OR equity. We specialize in BOTH.

And, unlike many specialized investment banks, our principals are licensed and registered with FINRA because we believe it’s critical to conform to regulatory requirements. All our securities activities are fully reviewed for compliance with FINRA and SEC regulations.

Our compliance officer also reviews and approves our activities facilitating ownership transition transactions. Whether the transaction is structured as an asset sale, equity purchase, or another customized structure, it’s compliant with securities regulations.

Benefit from pricing structure that's unique and clear

At Highland Ridge Capital, we believe in transparency. And, transparency should extend to how we ask you to compensate us for our expertise and service. We believe that the cost for investment banking services should be clear and unambiguous. You compensate us at each stage of the transaction as you receive definable value.

We ask you to compensate us for our work based on milestones related to our productivity, and a Success Fee based on the type and size of the transaction we’ve completed.

Achieve a custom financing solution across your entire capital structure

We combine our Investor Management System, our full compliance capabilities, our expertise, and our integrity, to create a customized solution unique to your firm. We can create an entirely new capital structure, insert financing into an existing structure, or guide the transition of ownership.

Why not just obtain your financing from a bank? Our investor relationships can often provide a greater amount of credit on similar or better terms. Overall, Highland Ridge has the ability to integrate all aspects of a capital transaction, making sure that each component works efficiently and on a cost-effective basis.